A Musical Play About Protecting the Environment
By Sindy McKay

Pat thinks Jesse is hurting the environment by throwing out a paper cup. But Jesse thinks that Pat's plastic bottle is hurting the planet even more! Which is worse, paper or plastic? Join Jesse and Pat, along with a talking Garbage Can, singing Frogs and Orangutans, and lots of other characters, as they discover the impact of both paper and plastic on our environment.

What are the benefits of doing this play?
Through the play, your students can practice their reading skills and fluency, while learning about the environment and how we can help protect the ecologies and habitats of our planet. The play deals with a serious subject, but does so with lots of humor (and music!), making it fun for both the performers and their audience.

Paper or Plastic? is ideal for students from 3rd through 7th grade. The play runs about 35 minutes and can be staged with 19 or more student performers. To make putting on the play as easy as possible, it is designed to be staged with no sets, minimal costumes, and no theater experience needed.

All the music for the show comes on a professionally produced audio CD. Your students simply sing to the instrumental versions of the songs-no musicians needed! Your students can learn the songs from the CD or by streaming or downloading the songs from this website (using a login ID and password we will send you after your purchase).

Also available is a Teacher's Handbook, which includes all the information you need to put on the play, as well as comprehensive lesson plans, discussion questions, and activities for grades 2 through 7. The handbook also includes a complete "how-to" guide to make it easy for any teacher to put on this musical play-even those with no experience with music or theater.

  • - 1 Teacher's Handbook
  • - 1 Music CD with Performance Rights
  • - 20 Scripts
Set: RRT-PP$9990
52 pages in B&W
Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
ISBN: 978-1-60115-151-3

56 pages in B&W
Trim Size: 6.75" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-60115-150-6-Set
Requires purchase of Set of 20 Scripts
56 pages in B&W / Paperback
Trim Size: 6.75" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-60115-150-6
$395 each
(for one school)
ISBN: 978-1-60115-153-7-A

Requires purchase of Music CD with Performance Rights
ISBN: 978-1-60115-153-7

48 pages in B&W
Spiral Bound
Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
ISBN: 978-1-60115-152-0

Preview Songs:

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Full music tracks, including instrumental tracks for performance, are available on a CD. After purchase, your students can easily learn all the songs on this site by using a login and password we will provide that allows access to stream or download the complete songs.